Friday, July 30, 2010

Ahoy there!

The designer, the assistant and the models

OK I promised to update on the pirate themed birthday was a blast. We all had fun. My relatives from Penang came over for the weekend to join the party. I managed to finish up 2 dresses, 4 corsets, one jacket and one pants in less than two weeks. In fact I finished the jacket, pants, one dress and 3 corsets the day before, in fact come to think of it actually about an hours before the party starts. Things you CAN do under pressure. My sister in law, Annie, helped to come up with the patterns for Haykal's, my nephew, jacket and pants and cut the fabric though. I hope she learned something from my limited experience.

The birthday girl....having fun playing games with friends.

Limbo Rock time!
Well from my previous post I showed the picture which Miya chose from the net the dress she wanted to wear on that day. Not bad don't you think? I made it too big at first. I used the Anna Maria Horner's Prairie Dress pattern for the top and just added the skirt to make it into a dress. As usual I did not measure. I just imagined and assumed Miya's size and wipped up a dress for her. When will I ever learn? I wanted to cry when a mini skirt dress turned out to be a maxi with shoulders too off. I braved myself and ripped off the seam. To my amazement it took only about about 1/2 an hour or so to amend. The results were satisfying BUT I should have gathered the skirt instead of leaving it to the elastic waist band to do the job (gather effect). What was I thinking?

The Jack Sparrow inspired pirate. My sis in law, Annie, came up with this idea. I didn't have enough time to draw the pattern and cut the fabric so she volunteered which made the job a lot more easy.

And of course, the angel herself. She floated on the clouds from heaven and landed in my arm.

My lovely models.

Great job guys.

Till the next themed party. :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First costume project and baby stuff

Next project......

A pirate woman dress for my 6 year old niece. Erk! She wants to look like this. But fret not my dear friends, I'm gonna tone it down.....slightly. Let's see how the results will turn out. I'm making one for my DD also. The party is in 2 weeks time. Stay tuned!

And a diaper stack that looks like this for my 26 years of childhood friend, popping out anytime soon. Better get this one done too.
Busy, busy....
* pictures taken from Google image

Finally done...

It took me ages but it's done never the less.... I really gotta get a good camera. Picture was taken with my humble N71. But ok la kut kan? Just pictures this time. Shhh I've got a secret, I've got one more piece to amend. Hope to finish it in this age. Senang je sebenarnya.

Hope the owner likes it.....*nervous*

Added the flowers for fun. Kind of brings up the comelness

Another version BF cover i made using buttons and rings for strap

The ribbons for the BF cover pouch bag