Monday, September 27, 2010

Away and having fun

I am away for work in the East Coast, Terengganu Darul Iman. Terengganu is famous for its local batik print. So what does an avid sewing hobbyist does while away alone in a fabric famous state? Buy fabrics of course. Bought a few but all for my cousin's wedding. It's a culture, can I use the word culture here?, that each side of the family of the bride or the groom to wear the same colour tone to show support, togetherness and just because it's fun.

So for my cousin, the groom's upcoming wedding, there will be gold - for the akad nikah, turquoise for the bride's reception and lilac - for the groom's reception. 3 colours I tell you. Itu tak masuk masa meminang and bertunang but all in the name of fun.

So I stopped by at the Noor Arfa boutique. It has it's own building now, apparently since 2008. Very big and nice. After that went to a fabric store near the hotel I'm staying in Dungun.

Colour theme : Turquoise
Top left : Linen for hubby's shirt (decide he's not wearing baju Melayu for this one cause he'll only wear it this once and probably wear it again in 2 years time), sending it to tailor
Bottom left : SB Line for DD, Baju kurung pesak Pahang, will be done by moi
Right : A fabric called Sarong Discharge from Noor Arfa for bottom and a gold/turquoise embroidered lace for top, may do this myself.

All in not more than RM130. Good job eh? Have not worn lace for the past few years. Excited about this.

This lilac-ish batik print called Sarong Masjid Terapung (for some reason) was purchased at Noor Arfa. I actually have the lilac top I made for raya. So we'll see how this goes.

And what does an avid sewing hobbyist bring for bedtime stories when she's away? Recently bought sewing magazines, of course.

More Raya picture

This is my blog and I am allowed to post variations of pictures of the same kind right? YES.
My daughter wearing the tiered dress I made months ago.

Bottom : Kain kembang payung, Fabric : Italian cotton

Top : Semi circle kaftan, Fabric : Chiffon

Baby's dress : Tiered dress, Fabric : Japanese cotton

Hairband : Flowered lace lined with velvet and glued to an elastic band

Is there any difference between Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian etc. cotton?

Or it's just the designs are made there?

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from me and my family

As promised, the skirt ala princess cut ala kembang payung I made using the batik print. At the moment this is the clearest picture I have of this skirt/bottom. Full length is probably in other cameras. I'll try to post them next time. This was worn on the first day of Eid. We went brown this time. My daughter, Nia's baju kurung pesak was bought last minute in SACC Shah Alam because I only had time to make one, the purple one. I didn't try it on Nia until that morning before the Eidul Fitri prayers. Lesson learnt, never assume a 2 years old baju kurung ready made will fit an actual 2 year old head. Lucky for me I brought the sewing machine back.

This was taken on our way back to Penang. The van in front of us actually had an industrial sewing machine at the back which I thought was funny coz I had my portable one in our car. The normal 3 1/2 hours drive took us 5 hours which was not bad at all considering my parents in law drove to Kelantan for 12 hours.

This picture below was taken right in front of the house in my hometown in Penang. I bought extra 1.5m chiffon in this colour as it matches the skirt more and I actually bought 3 metres of lace to sew at the edges of the arms but was told not too because the lace looks el cheapo :-( I bought a contrast purple lace which I might add to this anyway. I like it regardless. This top is actually a round kaftan, a semi circle. For the edges, I used the narrow hem and just sew way below the armpit to the waist, not sewing right up to the bottom hem. I made this in Penang in just 30 minutes....easy peasy...

And the purple lace flower hairband was made by my cousins. Love it!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2nd Hari Raya Aidilfitri poses...

I purposely wanted to post the dress I made after raya so that not to spoilt the mood of raya mood that is. Gives me a bit of excitement...self satisfaction.

My dress is more of a modern baju kurung. The skirt is kain kembang payung and has the shape of princess cut but not actually using princess cutting. The fabric is Italian cotton which is bought many months ago. I am happy with the result. I used the same pattern as the batin print skirt/bottom I made for the first day of raya. I will post this in my next post.

The top is chiffon and the cut is very simple. I used my existing top as a guide and copy it 100%. I didn't even make a pattern. I used the shoulders as centre fold and cut a long the arms and sides as whole piece. All I have to do is cut the head hole and sew along the under arm up to the sides. I had to send to the tailor for overlocking. I used the round stitch (at this moment I do not know what its called). I added the purple lace at the arm and bottom front hem. I am going to add beads and pearls after this. Last minute punya hal.

And not forgetting my little angels baju kurung pesak I made last minute. A mother-daughter number.

I still wish I made them more kemas on the insides tho.