Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OK ...in between my last post in July until today, I have successfully sewn a few things. So many things going on in between like having a baby on the 26th June, taking care of a toddler at the sametime, being in confinement for 30 days (hmm 30 days was all I could bear), Hari Raya Aidilfitri, back to work yadda yadda...

Just some pictures which I have...I didn't take any photos of the cushion cover which I sew for hubby's aunt. It was a joint effort with MIL. It turned out really well. Hmm now regret not taking it.

I also altered a kurung modern for my SIL and sew the kain silang for her. Definitely worth a whole post on it. Let's see if I can manage that in between a whole lot of other things.

I also made 2 curtains for the house. At the moment sadly it is still in the hugh plastic bag waiting for Mr Hubby to buy the railing, 3 months ago!! Homaigod, can someone just buy the railing for me to get this over and done with??

Owh did I mentioned I want to join the marathon, go swimming with the kids more often and cook more often.

This was intented to be a normal traditional baju kurung. But due to the smart mama here, the neck hole was too big hence the conversion to a modern top kurung. Added ruffles around the neck and a 1/4" string to tie a ribbon. I added the elastic around the wrist too so that it 'fits' the whole modern top concept. Mind you it was a day before Raya! When panic strikes, people do wonders...

This little 2 month old last August cutie pie on the other hand wears the cutest smile wearing moi handmade tiered dress.

My 3 y.o daughter and her 4 y.o cousin had a joint ballerina and princess (cake) birthday party last September. The last minute no sew (knotted) tutu was done an hour before the party starts. Their faces on that day wearing it was priceless.....happy little ballerinas....

Sewing make people happy...I love it!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Blue Diaper Stacker

I managed to finish this diaper stacker for a friend a few days before the birth of my darling DD. Not bad eh?

I decided that I wanted one for myself. Dah potong kain tapi tak sempat nak jahit sebelum the birth of DD. Hmm wonder if I will be able to finish it before I start working. Well see...

Baby Carrier : Pink Ring sling


I have delivered a healthy 3.34kg baby girl on the 26th of June 2011


(if you are interested to read my natural, pain free, drug free homebirth birth story

you can read it here. Not yet updated though....I will soon!)


I managed to sew a ring sling baby carrier for myself a few days before the birth of my darling daughter. I love how it turns out.

Front : Added the floral print for decorative look and pocket.

The side. My 1st DD dah rasmikan dulu :)

The back

I did a pleated ring sling which turns out quite nice.
Followed a tutorial I got from the net but don't remember which one.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Strap dress

Whoaa...remember I was supposed to make the dress for the little one?

It's finally done. The material used are of the remnants of 3 projects.

Hah! Nice......

And the material used are identical to the one for I made for my DD. So can't wait to see them wear it together....:-)

Front. The size is 0-3 months. Instead of sleeves it turned out to be a strappy one.

Clear pink buttons and shortened the strap length using an elastic with zigzag stitches.

The two dresses waiting to be worn together.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pink rabbits

Two little pink rabbits are waiting for the arrival of its owner...

Rabbits are my mother in laws specialty, she make pairs of these cuties for little newborns ...

Owner's Mummy can't wait to meet her too....anytime where you are ready Baby...:)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby carrier : Ring sling

Another fun project. The new addition Andy is growing well and getting heavier. This time his parents seriously needed help to carry him around. At 1 1/2 months he has grown more than 1 kg, not kind to the arm and back hehe So the solution was baby carrier and for ease and adjustability with the ever so fast growing Andy, a ring sling. I used the free pattern for Maya Ring Sling got from the net. And wallah a beautiful one indeed. Happy happy! I am going to make one for myself soon.

Front. The extra length is wrap under the ring to make it tidy. Nice! The extra length can also be used as breastfeeding cover if let go. 2 in 1. Love this!



Cloth Diaper Trial 1

I have been reseaching about cloth diaper since I had my first baby but never got around it. I only managed to buy one pocket diaper without any soakers and snappi but never used it. The ones sold outside was quite expensive. Especially the imported ones but pretty and cute non the less. It is very tempting but my reason for cloth diapering is to save $$$. Ermm honestly environment is secondary. I guess once I get the hang of it my stance might change but for now it is what it is (err sounding guilty here? hehe). Now that baby no 2 is coming just around the corner, I thought why not? And being able to sew this time around helps with the decision too.

With all the different kinds (prefold, contour, fitted, pocket, AIO, AI2 etc) I was confused and that didn't make it any easier with different materials to choose from. Where do I get these material as they are so specialised and not easily attained in Malaysia? After much research and advice from CD users, I got to know websites in Malaysia like Tiny Tapir, Facebook groups (preloved and CD making groups) and LampinKain to name a few.

I have come to easiest and most economical conclusion which is to make fitted, prefold and cover diapers for now. And to use flannel as my pilot project.

A friend recommended to use the online RRP free patern. Love it! Just for fun I also printed the Wee Weka free pattern, picked randomly.

The fitted diaper made from el cheapo flannel

Also made my version of extended prefold

I also purchased the snap press and resin snaps. I haven't install it on any of the CD because I don't know how it is going to fit or work with DD later. I didn't get the industrial heavy duty one since its just for my own use.

Wanted to add the snaps yesterday but just couldn't do it. Need more courage and thinking I guess. Afraid that it will be less adjustable. How how? Hehe

Saturday, May 28, 2011

An addition to the LC clan with love

What can be more beautiful and satisfying than a month old boy having a sweet dream and smiling on the comfy blanket sewn by his aunt! Gorgeous baby!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some update

Just add a bit here...I already finished an apron for my sister...
Will update soon once i get the picture..how can I forget to take the picture myself?? oh well..I guess I am caught up with stuff and just too distracted...

And also I am in the midst of sewing a dress for the little one....
And some new project - cloth diaper for the little one...yeay!

So much to do....will update soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rag blanket

So, this is what I have been up to lately. Other than work and going away on an outstation trip for work at 7 months preggy, yes yes...I was busy with this. Constructing my very first quilting project and a rag blanket for my soon to arrive nephew. Anytime soon.....I used flannel on both sides. I used 4 long quarters that makes up to about 1 metre of 4 different flannel design and for the back I only had white plain flannel. So I added the different thread colour straight stitch around which makes up 6 squares.

The helpful tutorial.

This project is great for a first timer as it does not require a perfect seam and a bit messy is acceptable because it won't show after the clipping and washing is done to fray the sides.

I cut the front and back 10" square and laid them out to make sure all the squares are in place and pin each one together.

This is how it looks close up after stitching, clipping and fraying is done.

An even closer look above.

Since the back was plain I added the straight stitch in different thread colour. Total of 6 squares of different sizes.

I had to stitch each 10" squares separately and when I sew them together, the lines didn't really match. La la la la la....I wish I can say it was meant to be. :P

Lastly a bit on work, I dragged hubby and daughter with me to Terengganu for work. Thanks to both my lovely dearies for the support, understanding and love to accompany a 7 months preggy mommy 500km away from home. You notice Nia wearing the Pinafore dress peeping at me at the back through the mirror. How can I not adore this little person.
And can't help asking her to pose at the hotel balcony wearing the flowery yellow blouse.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flower and polkadot dress

Another dress done from my list.

3) Dina's little flower cotton dress

I added the dark pink and white dots just to add some contrast. Added about 4" at the hem and a little peak below the yoke all around. Instead of my normal gathers, I did box pleat all around. I kinda like it. I've got a feeling I'm going to do box pleat in a lot of other projects to come until I get tired of it.

The front. The picture is a bit blurry. It must be the humid. It was really hot this afternoon.

The back. Low back and dark pink flower buttons.

Close up of the front.

Close up of the back.

I actually did the open tie at the shoulders.

And found it nice to just tie them up as if it is meant to be. I was surprised by how it turned out after the tie. I didn't know what to expect actually.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

After a happy check up....

Today after the monthly check up, hubby was nice enough to let me shop while he had teh tarik. Makan McD at SS2 after the check up was just a reason so that I can drop by at my 2 favourite fabric store in the area. Happy to report that the little one is a healthy 27 weeks plus gestation age baby and the mama who does not look 7 months preggy, more like 9 month, is also healthy. :P

I know, the long list tak habis lagi, dah beli fabric lain but I promise, most of it are just to finish up the existing projects.

Cotton and flannel for the little ones.

Robert Kaufman lime green and stripped cotton fabric for my sister's apron, Japanese pink and white polkadot cotton for Dina's dress (the rest for Nia/little ones dress) and a plain peach cotton for the apron lining.

Cotton flannel for SIL's soon to arrive baby boy. I'm going to make a rag blanket. My first attempt in quilting and making rag blankets. 4 long quarters = 1 meter.

Remember the pinafore dress? Don't she look like she loves it.

Of course she does. So does her Mama....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Flowery yellow

I made the flowery yellow cotton blouse and skirt for Nia when she was about one. It was supposed to be an identical bubble blouse and skirt I made for my niece, Dina. But I made the skirt too small and of different design. I mean WAY too small. So I stopped half way on the blouse and left it there. Now that baby girl no 2 is on the way, I continued the project rather than leaving it shamelessly waiting silently in the gobok.

So from the to do sewing list its number 7 and 8. Done!

7) A yellow flowered cotton blouse for Nia 1/2 way done a year ago

I just had to finish off the arm and collar seam on this blouse. The whole construction was done a year ago. Phew! I used the hidden bias for the arms and white satin bias on the neck. I also sew the simple semi circle white cotton lace on the front. I omitted the stretchable band on the hem to make it a bubble because this blouse will probably fit Nia a few more months. Then it will have to be passed down to the little one. (Notice the ruffles are not evenly distributed and even enough to call it ruffles. This is because a year ago I was a very new beginner. Evenly ditributed and many ruffles were an alien to me :P Many things probably still is.)

Closer look on the front.

Back a bit....


Next on the list is this....

8) The same material of 1/2 way done skirt which was supposed to be for the above but cut too small. So this is going to be for the little one.
All I had to do was sew the hook and eye. Taaarrraa! It's done.

This skirt is so small that it fits a doll. I have no idea if it fits a newborn. If it doesn't......

it's going to be a present for Dina's life size Barbie doll, a 3 year old birthday present from her Papa.

At least its good for something. :P