Friday, July 8, 2011

Blue Diaper Stacker

I managed to finish this diaper stacker for a friend a few days before the birth of my darling DD. Not bad eh?

I decided that I wanted one for myself. Dah potong kain tapi tak sempat nak jahit sebelum the birth of DD. Hmm wonder if I will be able to finish it before I start working. Well see...

Baby Carrier : Pink Ring sling


I have delivered a healthy 3.34kg baby girl on the 26th of June 2011


(if you are interested to read my natural, pain free, drug free homebirth birth story

you can read it here. Not yet updated though....I will soon!)


I managed to sew a ring sling baby carrier for myself a few days before the birth of my darling daughter. I love how it turns out.

Front : Added the floral print for decorative look and pocket.

The side. My 1st DD dah rasmikan dulu :)

The back

I did a pleated ring sling which turns out quite nice.
Followed a tutorial I got from the net but don't remember which one.