Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New friend

Say hello to Alesya. I have been wanting a dress form since I started seriously sewing. I bought her from my cousin who had a mini wedding cum makeup cum clothes outlet. She's a beauty, this dress form. It's just that she doesn't have my shoulder and tight, mine's smaller and she has bigger assets. So....

New life to the sofa and cushions

One of my big project now is to change my cushion cover for the sofa. The original cover is the light brown cover which we've been using since 6 years ago. I've only washed it a few times and now it needs some change. I just can't get rid of the old milk and baby food stains (it's easier to blame the kids, i know) and dark dust stains. We live in an apartment in KL town. So dust really rest and stain the fabric, thankfully after a few years.

I've got 5 rectangle cushion covers. I've done 2 of the same maroon fabric. I'm thinking of making the other 3 in different fabric designs. I can't wait. Honestly, I 'm really hopeless in house decorating. I'm used to make do with what I have. So to do things like this excites me.

We went to Ikea last weekend for a walk around and saw this quite cheap white and grey flannel covers for the sofa. Perfect! A quick fix for the stained sofa.

Next big project is to sew the sofa covers.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Peplum Raya

I've been good this year. I started my baju raya project in the midst of Ramadhan. Unlike last year and the year before last, I would have just started the kid's and my baju raya 2 days before Aidilfitri. The night before raya I would still be struggling to finish the clothes until wee morning. This year I am a bit relaxed as I am  more determined and I would say more organised. True what people say, it comes with being wiser (older!). 

I planned a simple traditional Malay kurung for myself and both girls. After watching videos on YouTube to get inspired, I bumped into an interesting and simple peplum video. Watdayaknow! It's actually very simple to sew peplum and to excite me more, I just had to use a stretchy material to omit the zippers. Simple!

I already had a jersey interlock I bought last year. First trial, I was in love. First thought, it would look lovely on the kids. And because I was determined and organised, I managed to sew for 2 nieces and a cousin. Whoa!

I also managed to amend old projects. It just takes a little effort to make things nicer. I wished I knew this earlier. Hah!

My first peplum, old long skirt project, all 7 skirts done and a trip to LSN for some advise and consolation. (It comes with purchase of accessories too!) 

The printed Italian cotton (just coincidentally designed by Emanuel Ungaro) and jersey interlock for the peplum top.

A matching purple fabric and design on the first day of Raya for my 2 lovelies. 
Long sleeve  and 'longer' peplum and a mermaid skirt.

A matching design - pinkish fabric on the 2nd day of Raya.
Capped sleeve and 'shorter' peplum with a double-tiered-gathered-hem skirt.

My niece Dina with my 2 year old Tia.

The finished skirts and peplum top.

My cousin Farah Ayna all the way in Penang.
Looking really sweet.