Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maternity blouse and a skirt

It's done and I am very happy with the result.

First, it was a neatly finished project.
Second, I am glad I arranged the foot/border patterns the way I did. It gives it a nice touch.

I used both the Anna Maria Horner's pattern as per mentioned in my previous post but with some improvisation. So does it make it my pattern? Hehe trying my luck...

Fresh from the oven, my new maternity blouse
Nia's cute and sassy skirt

I made the maternity blouse first. I was contemplating whether to add the lining or not because the cotton is probably called a medium weight and eventhough it is almost see through if you really focus on trying to see what bra colour I was wearing but it is of a dark colour material. So it's almost impossible *could almost hear the guys go aaaaaaaa...* :P

The fabrics has two border pattern like the picture on the left. Before cutting, I actually stood for sometime to figure out how I should fully utilise the design. Sayang kalau tak pakai.

Then comes the designing part. As I had to cater for my growing belly, it should be big enough to wear upto the end of the term. So instead of cutting front and back into four parts (the left & right), I made a one piece front and one piece back for the below breast section, just like a sample blouse I have in my closet, so that I can over size this part. The top part is still a four rectangle sewn together, if I made sense at all! And oh I know I said I wanted to be stingy with the fabric, I didn't have to. I was being very generous with the material on belly section and still had enough material to make Nia's skirt. Happy!

After the blouse was done, a trial fit showed me that I was actually looking like I was going to give birth yesterday!! I did the lining only on the bottom section. SO off with the lining and hem it just below the rubber. I didn't need it anyway. And from this I learnt that I can actually add the lining just on the part where I want to do the rubber inserts, like in the picture below on Nia's skirt. With this cut voile lining, I am planning to make Nia's blouse to match the skirt. That will be in another post.

This is Nia's skirt. I sew the lining just enough so that I can fit the rubber inserts.

The finished look after the rubber is inserted. I'd like to believe "What goes on inside, stays inside" shuuusshh if i'm doing this all wrong :P

And also on Nia's skirt, I actually cut and sew the border over the hem line so I could get the designed hemline.

Again, if I made any sense at all!! Have a good week ahead.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspired : New project

Ok, tell me who doesn't get inspired after reading this blog?

She has the most beautiful and colouful fabrics under her name and a studio to die for..hhhaaahh.

I bought the 45" cotton above 2 months ago. They had a promotion, buy 1 meter, free 1 meter - 2 meters in total. I love the design and colours but did not have any project to go with it. Since being preggy and in need of more maternity selection I decided that this will be one of my Museum Tunic the maternity blouse version and I calculated if I be a bit stingy with the material, I could sqeeze in a cute Flirting the Issue Skirt for Nia. Yeay!
Stay tuned!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another princessy dress

Finally I finished this dress for my niece, Dina, last Saturday. I already made one for my daughter, Nia, in October using the same material. I was supposed to make an identical one for Dina, a version of Gap dress, but somehow I couldn't get the shirring technique right the second time. I just couldn't get the gathered effect right. So I got tired of it and just left the cut material alone for months. Everytime I wanted to start with a new project, I just couldn't get this project off my head. I keeps bugging me like "Excuse me, don't you dare start with a new project until you're finished with me, ME, ME!!!" Urrgghh.....I have another piece for Nia saying the same thing. Double urrgghhh...Well, at least with this one is done, that's half the burden off my shoulder. And the noise seems a bit quiet now. :P

I left the shirring technique alone and went ahead without one. Dina loves this dress. She's a little princess who loves kembang dress. She didn't want a belt as well. She just wanted it loose like that. I made this with lining since it is a very thin cotton material.

Just a simple 3 button at the back.

This is the only 2 second princess pose I got from her. The rest she refused to cooperate.

The only still picture was when she was not looking at me.
This was how it is supposed to look like.
Nia's dress is now up to her knee.
It was below her knee length in October.
Oh Baby is growing right before my eyes....*emo*

Saturday, February 19, 2011

BabyPlus cover

I'm not sure many know about BabyPlus. Maybe not but you can go here for more info.
Just in short, it is an apparatus you wear to stimulate your baby in the tummy because baby starts learning while in the mother's womb. My personal testimony on my 1st child, Nia, she's quite advance, a fast learner and adhere to most BabyPlus benefits. Most, not all....she was a colicky baby the first few months, that's another story.

So being pregnant with 2nd baby, I have started BabyPlus again at 18 weeks pregnancy. What a joy.....

My SIL got pregnant 2 month earlier than me, so she started BabyPlus earlier. She wanted me to make a new BabyPlus cover using flannel. The original is white flannel but it gets dirty easily because you move around and touch the cover often. Sadly no photos of the earlier BP pinkish flannel cover I made for my SIL. I was bad workmanship. Not worth showing (it started ripping in several places after a few wear) so I did another one using a flowery cotton material. This one is much better.

Me at 5 1/2 months preggy wearing the BabyPlus original cover.

The BabyPlus original cover.

This is the front side. The 'tongue' is actually to fit a snap button at the front so it is always in place. The original cover has velcro between the cover and the net at the back. This however tend to rip the net if velcro is placed wrongly.

The side facing the tummy where you place the BabyPlus in the net, close the cover and snap the 'tongue' to the front.

How it looks when snapped close.

I've got to make one for the one I'm wearing too.

Happy owner means happy sewer

I got tagged on FB of the happy owner wearing the 1st apron ever made by moi. And its reversible too....What can be more fulfilling than knowing the person had the happiest day receiving and wearing your handmade work.

BTW, Happy Birthday Lily!

Side A

Side B and a happy camper!

Friday, February 18, 2011

2010 Sewing project

I realized that I haven't updated some of the 2010 or earlier sewing projects I posted on my personal blog before deciding to birth the personalized sewing I said I would, only did some and never got around to it. so what's new. Instead of reposting the whole post, I might as well just link them to the post. Why didn't I think of that earlier? ...... *duhhh mode*

4) Prairie blouse - My first ever project
7) Misc - when it all started

I believe thats it......enjoy if you're reading those.
Most importantly, these are just for my reference and own enjoyment.
Sapa lagi la enjoy hasil tangan sendiri :P

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fat Quarter project ideas

I have been browsing really nice fat quarters selection. I don't do quilting..let me rephrase that. I HAVE NOT done quilting before, just in case if I decide to quilt in the future.

So I have no idea what to do with it therefore have not bought any...Well I have bought some samples but no real project that comes with it, if you know what I mean. I am really thinking about getting some and make like a patch work or quilting dress. I am not into pillow cases and quilt covers yet. So yes, a dress would be nice...or with a bag that comes a long with it...or a Mama and baby number.....matchy matchy...hhhmmmm

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My 1st Apron

*One of the many rare long post. Consider yourself pre warned :P

I'm glad my sister proposed that I make this project for her friends' niece, for a fee, which made it more interesting! Kerching! Hehe

I have sewing books and magazines on instructions of how to make an apron. I have been wanting to make one but too lazy, no motivation or no material to make one. Its always something, as usual.

So this 10 year old birthday girl loves to cook, loves blue, pink and yellow and her aunt wants to surprise her with an apron. How nice.

My sister passed me an apron she bought as a sample. I just followed the 'pattern' and the rest was my creativity. Creative la sangat! I made a reversible mostly blue and pink apron which turn out really nice. I love it so much I wanted it for myself. :P I wanted to make adjustable neck too but the whole piece turned out a bit heavy due to the material used. So it was a fixed neck band.

The light weight 'pattern' I used. Since there is no front and back coz its reversible, I'll just call it side A and side B. I cut 2 piece of the body with 2 different material, 2 pockets of different material, a long 3" bias (2 times the length of the desired pleat length) for the pleat, 2 4" rectangle for the tie back ( to your desired length), 4" rectangle for the neck band (to your desired length), 1" bias for the rest of the sides where there is no pleats, 4 buttons and a good mood (very essential this). Prepare all of the above before piecing together (not being to helpful aren't I). Message me if those reading wants to know how I made this in detail coz I'm not sure anybody does read this anyway.

For the pleats, I fold and press the 3" bias in half and fold and pin each one. I didn't know this is exactly how it should be done until I saw one of Crafterhours post on a blouse they made. I only made this because I know I am going to screw and mess this if I sew on the machine without pinning.

After that, machine baste the opened sides so you will keep everything in place before the actual attachment to the body. You can hand baste I guess but I was too lazy.

I sew on the pockets first to the body on each side. You will see later that I changed the flowery pocket for side A to a plain pink. My sister thought it was too contrasting but I like it actually. My hubby says it looks like patch work which is nice. But customer is always right, so I decided to change it anyway just in case it was too much for the birthday girl to contain. :P Here I pinned the pleats and tie back inwards.

Then I hand baste them together. Place the right side of side B (with pocket already sewn on) on the right side of side A and sew the piece together up to the top of the tie back band.

Turn them inside out and it will look like the above. This was after I sent them to the printer to print ambroidered wordings "Junior Masterchef LILY" on both sides. Sew the binding of the remaining body areas and sew the neck band on. I sew the neck band last just so that I could do the adjustable buttons. After I decided not to do adjustable, I sew it on the binding aligning the stiches so that it looks more neat. Last, I sew the buttons on both sides just for decor.

My niece, Amira, trying out the apron. How cute is that?

Turquoise theme Akad Nikah

I just realised I did not update the dress I made for my cousin's akad nikah in Melaka. It was sometime in December 2010. That long ago. The top I made ala kurung moden without pesak and just round neck. I must say the fabric is nice but I look rather naked wearing this. Haha! It is almost skin see through material. I didn't realise it was that jarang. The inner was bought separately. Really, not a suitable attire to go to a kampung akad nikah. Haha! My sister had her eyes popping out when she saw me wearing this, "Are you going to wear something on top or a selendang?" I seldom where selendang unless to a baca yasin or doa kenduri. "Nope. Do you have one?" I suddenly felt too exposed. So I covered my entire body with her big selendang and didn't bother to tell anyone I sew this whole piece myself. I could have just gone with the spagetthi strap, cover myself with the big selendang/shawl and save all the trouble. :P
p/s : So you know I made this the day before, probably tried it once in a very dim room and wore it straight the next day.

The bottom was a rubber waisted kembang payung. Very comfy for a preggy momma. I made this in 1/2 an hour.
The dress I made for Nia was also a last minute thing. I don't know, maybe a day or 2 days before the event but it turned out quite nice. The ribbon on the waist was supposed to be on the right side. When it was finished, I realised it was right in the middle. I don't know how that happened but it is much better. Blessing in disguise. Haha! I'm laughing at myself now.