Friday, June 17, 2011

Cloth Diaper Trial 1

I have been reseaching about cloth diaper since I had my first baby but never got around it. I only managed to buy one pocket diaper without any soakers and snappi but never used it. The ones sold outside was quite expensive. Especially the imported ones but pretty and cute non the less. It is very tempting but my reason for cloth diapering is to save $$$. Ermm honestly environment is secondary. I guess once I get the hang of it my stance might change but for now it is what it is (err sounding guilty here? hehe). Now that baby no 2 is coming just around the corner, I thought why not? And being able to sew this time around helps with the decision too.

With all the different kinds (prefold, contour, fitted, pocket, AIO, AI2 etc) I was confused and that didn't make it any easier with different materials to choose from. Where do I get these material as they are so specialised and not easily attained in Malaysia? After much research and advice from CD users, I got to know websites in Malaysia like Tiny Tapir, Facebook groups (preloved and CD making groups) and LampinKain to name a few.

I have come to easiest and most economical conclusion which is to make fitted, prefold and cover diapers for now. And to use flannel as my pilot project.

A friend recommended to use the online RRP free patern. Love it! Just for fun I also printed the Wee Weka free pattern, picked randomly.

The fitted diaper made from el cheapo flannel

Also made my version of extended prefold

I also purchased the snap press and resin snaps. I haven't install it on any of the CD because I don't know how it is going to fit or work with DD later. I didn't get the industrial heavy duty one since its just for my own use.

Wanted to add the snaps yesterday but just couldn't do it. Need more courage and thinking I guess. Afraid that it will be less adjustable. How how? Hehe

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