Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OK ...in between my last post in July until today, I have successfully sewn a few things. So many things going on in between like having a baby on the 26th June, taking care of a toddler at the sametime, being in confinement for 30 days (hmm 30 days was all I could bear), Hari Raya Aidilfitri, back to work yadda yadda...

Just some pictures which I have...I didn't take any photos of the cushion cover which I sew for hubby's aunt. It was a joint effort with MIL. It turned out really well. Hmm now regret not taking it.

I also altered a kurung modern for my SIL and sew the kain silang for her. Definitely worth a whole post on it. Let's see if I can manage that in between a whole lot of other things.

I also made 2 curtains for the house. At the moment sadly it is still in the hugh plastic bag waiting for Mr Hubby to buy the railing, 3 months ago!! Homaigod, can someone just buy the railing for me to get this over and done with??

Owh did I mentioned I want to join the marathon, go swimming with the kids more often and cook more often.

This was intented to be a normal traditional baju kurung. But due to the smart mama here, the neck hole was too big hence the conversion to a modern top kurung. Added ruffles around the neck and a 1/4" string to tie a ribbon. I added the elastic around the wrist too so that it 'fits' the whole modern top concept. Mind you it was a day before Raya! When panic strikes, people do wonders...

This little 2 month old last August cutie pie on the other hand wears the cutest smile wearing moi handmade tiered dress.

My 3 y.o daughter and her 4 y.o cousin had a joint ballerina and princess (cake) birthday party last September. The last minute no sew (knotted) tutu was done an hour before the party starts. Their faces on that day wearing it was priceless.....happy little ballerinas....

Sewing make people happy...I love it!

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