Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bright Aidifiltri

This happened in September 2012. The whole Saad Clan planned to wear orange. So as always I was still busy sewing the night before our trip to Penang. I was happy with the fit and outcome....but the inside workmanship really need to be improved.

 My 4 year old looking pretty in this color. Never bought anything orange for the girls before. Peachy orange  is just nice.

My 1 year old posing diligently. That's me behind her in my masterpiece. A batik kembang payung sarong and a mid length kaftan just because it is the easiest to make. It's already becoming my uniform for Raya, just in different colours. I love the batik. The texture and finishing is actually really nice. Closer look you will see a 2 mm lines sewn diagonally. My sister bought this for me from Medan. She has a friend who makes a living selling these. Lovely!

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