Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New life to the sofa and cushions

One of my big project now is to change my cushion cover for the sofa. The original cover is the light brown cover which we've been using since 6 years ago. I've only washed it a few times and now it needs some change. I just can't get rid of the old milk and baby food stains (it's easier to blame the kids, i know) and dark dust stains. We live in an apartment in KL town. So dust really rest and stain the fabric, thankfully after a few years.

I've got 5 rectangle cushion covers. I've done 2 of the same maroon fabric. I'm thinking of making the other 3 in different fabric designs. I can't wait. Honestly, I 'm really hopeless in house decorating. I'm used to make do with what I have. So to do things like this excites me.

We went to Ikea last weekend for a walk around and saw this quite cheap white and grey flannel covers for the sofa. Perfect! A quick fix for the stained sofa.

Next big project is to sew the sofa covers.

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