Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flower girl dresses

I was given the honor by my aunt to make the flower girls' dress for his son's wedding in December. In all I have to make 4 dresses...Iman by then almost 12 y.o, Farah Ayna 9 y.o, Miya 6 y.o and Nia 2 y.o.....I have started to think and plan what kind of dress I'd make but nothing concrete yet. I may decide on something else once I get the dress started. The colour theme is Lilac. I love purple-ish. Therefore I am excited about this project. I am thinking of 2 different dresses. Nia and Miya will have the same dress, sleeveless, fluffy nets and big bows. Whereas the older girls Iman and Farah Ayna will have a slightly different pattern, a flowy short sleeve, below knee length and sweet.

The picture above is a bit small but just to show a bit what I would like the dress to look like. The 4 of them, just like how it would look for our flower girls.

Big purple (darker shade than lilac) bow ribbons but maybe slightly less elaborate than this for the 2 little ones.

I read Anna Maria Horner's blog and her daughter wore this dress for her prom. I hope she don't mind me using this picture. I will send a message to her anyhow. She had a 3-tiered-layer skirt. I was thinking something along this line for Nia and Miya's dress, off white or light purple-ish lace, off white net and lilac satin. If I can't find the purple-ish lace then it will be off white net and I'll sew random flowers on the net and below it will be the lilac satin fabric.

I like how the skirt looks.

And for the older girl, Iman and Farah Ayna, their dresses will be something like the left lady's dress (one hand on the girl). The sleeve will either be like that or as I mentioned before flowy short sleeve and the cleavage will definitely not show. :-P

Waaahhh berangan nampak, formal dress pun tak pernah buat. Angan-angan mesti besar, kenyataan akan tercapai jua.....hehe
In other words, everything comes from a dream.

But of course it depends on the groom's mother approval....
Mak Ndak, what say you.....??
Or do you prefer the two older girl to have the same kind as the younger ones?

*pictures taken from Google images

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