Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dress 'Gap'

This dress I made for Nia is based on my SIL, Fiza's request to follow a Gap dress she found on the net. Somehow it turned out a bit different but I like it. Excuse the model, she's just too busy playing. I going to make another one for Dina but somehow I couldn't get the shirring done the second time.

At first I meant to have buttons at the front and a simple plain back. Somehow I made the back too big and had to pleat it coz it looked too loose.

After doing that I feel that the buttons look better at the back and have the pleat in front.

So there, my happy baby!

The dress which I was supposed to follow.


  1. Aunty Nana, dina nyer manerrrr daa? :P

  2. hehe dah potong belum jahit je lagi..heheh sabar sabar...