Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The treasure box

Oh yes, I really do treasure this box. I was doing some reorganizing and found that I have accumulated priceless things within the few months of my sewing history. Some self bought, some hand me downs and some were gifts for my happy 'clients'.....:-)

From top left, clockwise :Scissors, a jar of thread, needles, pin cushion (yet to make a nice one for myself), samples of stiches from my sewing machine (all 70 of them), ropes (tali guni), laces

There are also different kinds of buttons, zippers, hooks, interface, bias tape, elastic bands
A plastic cookie jar filled with things like measurement tape, needles, seam ripper, different sewing feet, bobbins and sewing machine accesories. I've got to get a better storage.
It makes it easier as I had a very faithful assistant who loves to arrange the buttons, mess it up and rearranging it again. She takes her job very seriously.
All that packed into one treasure box.
Like a candy store, it attracts other kids as well.

Finally, my latest project. It's 90% percent done. Will update soon.

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