Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rollypop's Chef uniform

My sister started her baking passion-turn-business a few years ago. She had gone from home business to a bakery store based just recently.  Quite an achievement. Sharing below her very creative creation.

 The Despicable Me minions

 Banana split - it's a real cake. No real banana involved


Upin & Ipin 

So every baker needs a chef uniform right?'s me doing a muslin so that it would fit. The actual uniform will be black BUT to this date it has not fit in perfectly yet. I have sewn with the actual fabric but because also this is my first time sewing a plus size top, its a bit of a challenge. By the way, the plus size button top kurung I sewn for mom which I destroyed does not count. Ngeehh.. Everything on the body fits perfectly fine. I just have to amend the armhole now. The remnants is not big enough for me to cut a new arm so was disappointed when the fabric store had all the colors under the sun of this material except black. How can that be?  This means this project will have to be put aside until I have the arm sorted out.

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