Monday, September 27, 2010

Away and having fun

I am away for work in the East Coast, Terengganu Darul Iman. Terengganu is famous for its local batik print. So what does an avid sewing hobbyist does while away alone in a fabric famous state? Buy fabrics of course. Bought a few but all for my cousin's wedding. It's a culture, can I use the word culture here?, that each side of the family of the bride or the groom to wear the same colour tone to show support, togetherness and just because it's fun.

So for my cousin, the groom's upcoming wedding, there will be gold - for the akad nikah, turquoise for the bride's reception and lilac - for the groom's reception. 3 colours I tell you. Itu tak masuk masa meminang and bertunang but all in the name of fun.

So I stopped by at the Noor Arfa boutique. It has it's own building now, apparently since 2008. Very big and nice. After that went to a fabric store near the hotel I'm staying in Dungun.

Colour theme : Turquoise
Top left : Linen for hubby's shirt (decide he's not wearing baju Melayu for this one cause he'll only wear it this once and probably wear it again in 2 years time), sending it to tailor
Bottom left : SB Line for DD, Baju kurung pesak Pahang, will be done by moi
Right : A fabric called Sarong Discharge from Noor Arfa for bottom and a gold/turquoise embroidered lace for top, may do this myself.

All in not more than RM130. Good job eh? Have not worn lace for the past few years. Excited about this.

This lilac-ish batik print called Sarong Masjid Terapung (for some reason) was purchased at Noor Arfa. I actually have the lilac top I made for raya. So we'll see how this goes.

And what does an avid sewing hobbyist bring for bedtime stories when she's away? Recently bought sewing magazines, of course.

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