Saturday, September 18, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from me and my family

As promised, the skirt ala princess cut ala kembang payung I made using the batik print. At the moment this is the clearest picture I have of this skirt/bottom. Full length is probably in other cameras. I'll try to post them next time. This was worn on the first day of Eid. We went brown this time. My daughter, Nia's baju kurung pesak was bought last minute in SACC Shah Alam because I only had time to make one, the purple one. I didn't try it on Nia until that morning before the Eidul Fitri prayers. Lesson learnt, never assume a 2 years old baju kurung ready made will fit an actual 2 year old head. Lucky for me I brought the sewing machine back.

This was taken on our way back to Penang. The van in front of us actually had an industrial sewing machine at the back which I thought was funny coz I had my portable one in our car. The normal 3 1/2 hours drive took us 5 hours which was not bad at all considering my parents in law drove to Kelantan for 12 hours.

This picture below was taken right in front of the house in my hometown in Penang. I bought extra 1.5m chiffon in this colour as it matches the skirt more and I actually bought 3 metres of lace to sew at the edges of the arms but was told not too because the lace looks el cheapo :-( I bought a contrast purple lace which I might add to this anyway. I like it regardless. This top is actually a round kaftan, a semi circle. For the edges, I used the narrow hem and just sew way below the armpit to the waist, not sewing right up to the bottom hem. I made this in Penang in just 30 minutes....easy peasy...

And the purple lace flower hairband was made by my cousins. Love it!

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