Saturday, September 11, 2010

2nd Hari Raya Aidilfitri poses...

I purposely wanted to post the dress I made after raya so that not to spoilt the mood of raya mood that is. Gives me a bit of excitement...self satisfaction.

My dress is more of a modern baju kurung. The skirt is kain kembang payung and has the shape of princess cut but not actually using princess cutting. The fabric is Italian cotton which is bought many months ago. I am happy with the result. I used the same pattern as the batin print skirt/bottom I made for the first day of raya. I will post this in my next post.

The top is chiffon and the cut is very simple. I used my existing top as a guide and copy it 100%. I didn't even make a pattern. I used the shoulders as centre fold and cut a long the arms and sides as whole piece. All I have to do is cut the head hole and sew along the under arm up to the sides. I had to send to the tailor for overlocking. I used the round stitch (at this moment I do not know what its called). I added the purple lace at the arm and bottom front hem. I am going to add beads and pearls after this. Last minute punya hal.

And not forgetting my little angels baju kurung pesak I made last minute. A mother-daughter number.

I still wish I made them more kemas on the insides tho.

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