Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cut away

Today I only have mood and time to cut. Since I have so many things I want to do and organize, I brought out all the material I want to use and start cutting. It's probably the nesting period where a preggy mummy starts organizing and cleaning stuff. I am happy with today's progress. This will keep me busy for some time since I am on leave for 3 days this week but one thing for sure I have to go and watch a movie. I've not done that in ages. I feel like watching Merong Mahawangsa.

The cut bit done.

An unprofessional sketch of Nia and little one's dress

The little pile of cut fabrics and tops are for dresses and refashions.

1) Refashion : Nia's dress using denim jeans and remnants (soft cotton corduroy and plain cotton) of previous project DONE!

2) The little one's dress using the same material: refashion denim and remnants

3) Dina's little flower cotton dress DONE!

4) Refashion: Nia's flare 3/4 pants (it was supposed to be a 3/4 tights) using my preloved stretchable cotton tract bottom

5) Refashion: Apron for my sister using the denim and cotton

6) Refashion: Nia's dress/top using my cotton T shirt material top

7) A yellow flowered cotton blouse for Nia 1/2 way done a year ago DONE!

8) The same material of 1/2 way done skirt which was supposed to be for the above but cut too small. So this is going to be for the little one. DONE!

9) Refashion : Pink spaghetti strap top for Nia

10) Refashion : White spaghetti strap dress for Nia Whoa! That's a lot to do. Can't wait.....


  1. Untung betul si Nia n Nina nii.. banyak betul baju baru utk diorg... refashion pon kira baru jugak ler.

    emmm thinking of making a list jugak ler... if not selalu terbabas buat benda lain.. yg perlu tak siap2 jugak hehehe

  2. hehe tulah...i like to make dresses and clothes for the little ones....happy bila tgk diorg pakai.....:)

    making a list senang...then tick je when each one is done....i feel puas hati bila dah byk yg ber'tick'....:P