Monday, March 7, 2011

Outgrown denim skirt : Refashion

I read a lot about refashion on many talented sewer blogs. I've always wanted to try it. I think is it the easiest way to get instant satisfaction, without much work. One of the many things that I thought of working on was Nia's outgrown denim skirt which I ADORE.....!! I bought it during sale at OU at Parkson. It was at one of those bundle area selling at RM6 and an only piece. I didn't thought much. Grabbed it and paid. Did I mention I really really ADORE this skirt....

Nia in the denim skirt in December 2009.

So I was all set for this. My first refashion and fat quarter project. All I needed was the denim skirt, 3/4 of a fat quarter, 1 meter of cotton lace and 1.5 meter of cross grain ribbon.

Yummy! It looks like strawberry ice-cream

It looks like a peasant skirt. I love it!
Sweet like candy...:P
You'll be reading more refashion projects.


  1. super the sweet pink ribbon too..jadi skirt panjang pula kan :D

  2. yup....nanti bila dia dah outgrown this skirt in another year or so, sambung lagi bagi panjang...when she grows up she can tell i have been wearing this skirt all my life...hahaha pinggang kena adjust dulu...:P

  3. hihi klo extend lagi skirt tue..leh jadi tier skirt pula..cantik gak :D