Monday, March 7, 2011

Spaghetthi strap : Refashion 1

Bought this spaghetti strap recently and got the idea from crafterhours.

My two 3 year old nephews had a joint birthday party last Sunday. I wanted us (me & Nia) to wear the matchy matchy new maternity blouse and Nia's skirt together. I didn't really have a suitable top for Nia to wear with the skirt. So purrr goes my sewing machine.

Cut to the desired size. You can see the chalk mark on the T shirt fabric. This top could be a reject coz the strap distance and the body looks a bit odd but good for me, it fits a 2 to 3 year old well. Sew and zigzag the sides. I zigzagged the hem and left it like that to give it a rugged look.

(R) The top done and (L) the cut lower body part, cut one side open and you will have a long material for the ruffles.

Cut a few 1" long strip. Fold, pin and sew on the top one first and then start with the second row. The third row I used a 1/2" strip and curvy just to add a bit of fun.

Finally after a sore finger and a few bent needles, the top is done.

I started from the back right up to the front, only on one side.

A happy princess.

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