Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top & Skirt Jeans Apron

So finally I finished the refashion jeans I planned to make which I purchased recently. I really like how it came out. I hope the owner likes it too. I got this idea from a blogger friend Ms SewLove :) The pictures doesn't do justice here but that's how it is with me and my camera phone. We do have our good times, just not this time :)

The flared jeans. It already has a nice studded pearls just below the pocket line.

Opened up the seam to get the front and back and cut off the flare bit
(which is for other projects)
So you know now what I am going to do with the back part? Another apron....yes!
Coming up soon I hope.....

The personalised embroidered print 'Senior Masterchef Mummy'.

Didn't have any other ideas at the moment, so added the string belt.

It looks much better in real life, trust me.


  1. waahh comelnye..cantik bila dah siap..kreatif tul pakai spageti strap lagi tue..beli 3 5hinggit mmg jimat gile :D

  2. thanks...:) the fun bit is you can make things at a very small cost kan?

  3. yup betul3..hehe jimat bile recycle nie, dari dok buang je baik recycle je :D