Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rag blanket

So, this is what I have been up to lately. Other than work and going away on an outstation trip for work at 7 months preggy, yes yes...I was busy with this. Constructing my very first quilting project and a rag blanket for my soon to arrive nephew. Anytime soon.....I used flannel on both sides. I used 4 long quarters that makes up to about 1 metre of 4 different flannel design and for the back I only had white plain flannel. So I added the different thread colour straight stitch around which makes up 6 squares.

The helpful tutorial.

This project is great for a first timer as it does not require a perfect seam and a bit messy is acceptable because it won't show after the clipping and washing is done to fray the sides.

I cut the front and back 10" square and laid them out to make sure all the squares are in place and pin each one together.

This is how it looks close up after stitching, clipping and fraying is done.

An even closer look above.

Since the back was plain I added the straight stitch in different thread colour. Total of 6 squares of different sizes.

I had to stitch each 10" squares separately and when I sew them together, the lines didn't really match. La la la la la....I wish I can say it was meant to be. :P

Lastly a bit on work, I dragged hubby and daughter with me to Terengganu for work. Thanks to both my lovely dearies for the support, understanding and love to accompany a 7 months preggy mommy 500km away from home. You notice Nia wearing the Pinafore dress peeping at me at the back through the mirror. How can I not adore this little person.
And can't help asking her to pose at the hotel balcony wearing the flowery yellow blouse.


  1. cutenyer si Nia nii yerr..
    tak pernah try lagi rag quilt. seems interesting.. some of the tutorial on the net, they use jeans, and no need to use batting anymore.

  2. heheh thanks...

    tulah i was browsing utube and found this interesting...a'ah jeans pun ada...actually boleh buat macam2 with rag technique nie...patch work on a skirt/dress ke?

  3. hi preggy mum, happy belated birthday ya! wah, uols r so diligent... me? i become a little bit lazy lately... don't be like me, ok? hehehe..

  4. Thanks Rosh...hehe trying trying...:)