Friday, April 1, 2011

Pinafore dress

Now I can sleep well knowing I have already started ticking my list and able to update my blog....seriously I had sleepless nights sometimes. Over! I started with No. 1) Refashion : Nia's dress using denim jeans and remnants (soft cotton corduroy and plain cotton) of previous project. Happy with how it came out, even though quite different than how I imagined but can't help the creativity (ia la sangat..) juice flow influence me to deviate.

My vision : (L) Nia's dress and (R) little one in the tummy's dress Not done yet.

The front. The plain dark pink cotton I used for lining only on the top yoke so that it gives a more sturdy structure. I didn't add any ribbon at the yoke lining coz I think it is nice looking plain like this.
Closer look of the top yoke. How it looks at the back. It can be worn over a short/long sleeve blouse like the pinafore but of course for Nia it has to be in a cooler temperature area. She sweat on her scalp easily which gives her the wet look. :p

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