Friday, April 1, 2011

Flowery yellow

I made the flowery yellow cotton blouse and skirt for Nia when she was about one. It was supposed to be an identical bubble blouse and skirt I made for my niece, Dina. But I made the skirt too small and of different design. I mean WAY too small. So I stopped half way on the blouse and left it there. Now that baby girl no 2 is on the way, I continued the project rather than leaving it shamelessly waiting silently in the gobok.

So from the to do sewing list its number 7 and 8. Done!

7) A yellow flowered cotton blouse for Nia 1/2 way done a year ago

I just had to finish off the arm and collar seam on this blouse. The whole construction was done a year ago. Phew! I used the hidden bias for the arms and white satin bias on the neck. I also sew the simple semi circle white cotton lace on the front. I omitted the stretchable band on the hem to make it a bubble because this blouse will probably fit Nia a few more months. Then it will have to be passed down to the little one. (Notice the ruffles are not evenly distributed and even enough to call it ruffles. This is because a year ago I was a very new beginner. Evenly ditributed and many ruffles were an alien to me :P Many things probably still is.)

Closer look on the front.

Back a bit....


Next on the list is this....

8) The same material of 1/2 way done skirt which was supposed to be for the above but cut too small. So this is going to be for the little one.
All I had to do was sew the hook and eye. Taaarrraa! It's done.

This skirt is so small that it fits a doll. I have no idea if it fits a newborn. If it doesn't......

it's going to be a present for Dina's life size Barbie doll, a 3 year old birthday present from her Papa.

At least its good for something. :P

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