Thursday, April 7, 2011

After a happy check up....

Today after the monthly check up, hubby was nice enough to let me shop while he had teh tarik. Makan McD at SS2 after the check up was just a reason so that I can drop by at my 2 favourite fabric store in the area. Happy to report that the little one is a healthy 27 weeks plus gestation age baby and the mama who does not look 7 months preggy, more like 9 month, is also healthy. :P

I know, the long list tak habis lagi, dah beli fabric lain but I promise, most of it are just to finish up the existing projects.

Cotton and flannel for the little ones.

Robert Kaufman lime green and stripped cotton fabric for my sister's apron, Japanese pink and white polkadot cotton for Dina's dress (the rest for Nia/little ones dress) and a plain peach cotton for the apron lining.

Cotton flannel for SIL's soon to arrive baby boy. I'm going to make a rag blanket. My first attempt in quilting and making rag blankets. 4 long quarters = 1 meter.

Remember the pinafore dress? Don't she look like she loves it.

Of course she does. So does her Mama....

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