Saturday, February 19, 2011

BabyPlus cover

I'm not sure many know about BabyPlus. Maybe not but you can go here for more info.
Just in short, it is an apparatus you wear to stimulate your baby in the tummy because baby starts learning while in the mother's womb. My personal testimony on my 1st child, Nia, she's quite advance, a fast learner and adhere to most BabyPlus benefits. Most, not all....she was a colicky baby the first few months, that's another story.

So being pregnant with 2nd baby, I have started BabyPlus again at 18 weeks pregnancy. What a joy.....

My SIL got pregnant 2 month earlier than me, so she started BabyPlus earlier. She wanted me to make a new BabyPlus cover using flannel. The original is white flannel but it gets dirty easily because you move around and touch the cover often. Sadly no photos of the earlier BP pinkish flannel cover I made for my SIL. I was bad workmanship. Not worth showing (it started ripping in several places after a few wear) so I did another one using a flowery cotton material. This one is much better.

Me at 5 1/2 months preggy wearing the BabyPlus original cover.

The BabyPlus original cover.

This is the front side. The 'tongue' is actually to fit a snap button at the front so it is always in place. The original cover has velcro between the cover and the net at the back. This however tend to rip the net if velcro is placed wrongly.

The side facing the tummy where you place the BabyPlus in the net, close the cover and snap the 'tongue' to the front.

How it looks when snapped close.

I've got to make one for the one I'm wearing too.


  1. thanks for the cover, mama nia! i still havenot had time to fix the snap button :P

  2. ur welcome...tulah cepat la buat sebelum deliver :P

  3. Shelly from Customer Service at BabyPlus--We LOVE your creativity! What a great idea! Best wishes to you and your family!

  4. We would love to blog about your pouch. Let me know at


    Director of Customer Care
    The BabyPlus Company

  5. Hey shelly...sure y not, i'd be delighted and honoured :) I'mm email to you soon.

  6. Hye there... sy sdg preggy 16 weeks.. sy di Johore. Tgh cr org2 msia guna tak jumpe.. ni la 1st yg sy jumpa..hehehe... anyway.. baby 1st awak guna Babyplus, so far ok?.. tido mlm ok tak?..

  7. Hi Lady D, saya guna babyplus both on my babies (i just gv birth to my 2nd daughter 2 months ago) and so does my other 3 sister in laws and sister. So far my observation is it helps with the childrens development. They are quite fast learners. Both my babies sleep well at night but have colic issues sikit. After 2-3 months dah ok :) but most importantly is how we birth our child. I am a natural birth believer meaning we avoid any medical intervention at the hospital when giving birth. Do read up on natural birthing and how you want to birth your baby. I can add you to a Gentlebirth Group in FB if you are interested. There is a lot of information and research you can read up about giving birth. it is very informative. :) Let me know ya.

  8. hye dear..glad to hear from u.. thank you soooo much.. yes.. i would like to read more about it.. u can find me thru my id Yat Lydia.. if u are having problem to find me there.. email me ya.. anyway..can i have ur email add that link with ur blog?..i will invite u as my reader for my blog..

  9. nice to hear from you again too...i don't usually open the email that link to this blog. i mean i NEVER do leave you blog link here and i will follow your blog (is that easier?). Also I have another blog that i sometimes update and if you are interested you can read my birth story recently :) .....I will find you at FB ya? My profile name is nana ghazali