Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy owner means happy sewer

I got tagged on FB of the happy owner wearing the 1st apron ever made by moi. And its reversible too....What can be more fulfilling than knowing the person had the happiest day receiving and wearing your handmade work.

BTW, Happy Birthday Lily!

Side A

Side B and a happy camper!


  1. This is a message from Lily (with a little help from Aunty Veena):

    Dear Aunty Nana,
    Hello! This is me, Illeanra. You can call me Lily. I used to live in Rawang but we have moved to Bukit Mertajam, so Mummy couldn't get Aunty Lyza to bake my birthday cake (that I normally share with my sisters Lala and Dada because our birthdays are 2 weeks apart!). No cake but hey, what a surprise - an awesome apron with MY name on it. It is so beautiful and I wore it today while making macaroni and cheese. Yumm! The photos are on Mummy's FB.

    Once again, thank you so much for making it Aunty Nana and come visit me sometime. I will cook something for you. Bye now!

    Junior Masterchef Lily

  2. Thanks Kak Veena...

    Hi Lily,

    This is such a wonderful surprise. A lovely note from the owner herself...I'd love to taste one of your dishes...mesti best...bila la agaknya tu...I baru dapat my sister, Lyza's chocolate cuppies yesterday..yummy! Glad you like the apron and happy cooking in it ya....:)

    Kak Nana