Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maternity blouse and a skirt

It's done and I am very happy with the result.

First, it was a neatly finished project.
Second, I am glad I arranged the foot/border patterns the way I did. It gives it a nice touch.

I used both the Anna Maria Horner's pattern as per mentioned in my previous post but with some improvisation. So does it make it my pattern? Hehe trying my luck...

Fresh from the oven, my new maternity blouse
Nia's cute and sassy skirt

I made the maternity blouse first. I was contemplating whether to add the lining or not because the cotton is probably called a medium weight and eventhough it is almost see through if you really focus on trying to see what bra colour I was wearing but it is of a dark colour material. So it's almost impossible *could almost hear the guys go aaaaaaaa...* :P

The fabrics has two border pattern like the picture on the left. Before cutting, I actually stood for sometime to figure out how I should fully utilise the design. Sayang kalau tak pakai.

Then comes the designing part. As I had to cater for my growing belly, it should be big enough to wear upto the end of the term. So instead of cutting front and back into four parts (the left & right), I made a one piece front and one piece back for the below breast section, just like a sample blouse I have in my closet, so that I can over size this part. The top part is still a four rectangle sewn together, if I made sense at all! And oh I know I said I wanted to be stingy with the fabric, I didn't have to. I was being very generous with the material on belly section and still had enough material to make Nia's skirt. Happy!

After the blouse was done, a trial fit showed me that I was actually looking like I was going to give birth yesterday!! I did the lining only on the bottom section. SO off with the lining and hem it just below the rubber. I didn't need it anyway. And from this I learnt that I can actually add the lining just on the part where I want to do the rubber inserts, like in the picture below on Nia's skirt. With this cut voile lining, I am planning to make Nia's blouse to match the skirt. That will be in another post.

This is Nia's skirt. I sew the lining just enough so that I can fit the rubber inserts.

The finished look after the rubber is inserted. I'd like to believe "What goes on inside, stays inside" shuuusshh if i'm doing this all wrong :P

And also on Nia's skirt, I actually cut and sew the border over the hem line so I could get the designed hemline.

Again, if I made any sense at all!! Have a good week ahead.


  1. Thanks Didie...And thanks for dropping by. I didn't know you were reading this blog :)

  2. These turned out so cute! And I really love that fabric!

  3. following you too..Love the projects you've done.