Monday, February 21, 2011

Another princessy dress

Finally I finished this dress for my niece, Dina, last Saturday. I already made one for my daughter, Nia, in October using the same material. I was supposed to make an identical one for Dina, a version of Gap dress, but somehow I couldn't get the shirring technique right the second time. I just couldn't get the gathered effect right. So I got tired of it and just left the cut material alone for months. Everytime I wanted to start with a new project, I just couldn't get this project off my head. I keeps bugging me like "Excuse me, don't you dare start with a new project until you're finished with me, ME, ME!!!" Urrgghh.....I have another piece for Nia saying the same thing. Double urrgghhh...Well, at least with this one is done, that's half the burden off my shoulder. And the noise seems a bit quiet now. :P

I left the shirring technique alone and went ahead without one. Dina loves this dress. She's a little princess who loves kembang dress. She didn't want a belt as well. She just wanted it loose like that. I made this with lining since it is a very thin cotton material.

Just a simple 3 button at the back.

This is the only 2 second princess pose I got from her. The rest she refused to cooperate.

The only still picture was when she was not looking at me.
This was how it is supposed to look like.
Nia's dress is now up to her knee.
It was below her knee length in October.
Oh Baby is growing right before my eyes....*emo*


  1. absolutely gorgeous.. love the prints..

  2. thanks mama nia... Finally! the dress is done. kain sponsored by mama dina ;) heheh.

  3. tq mamadaniel...the fabric my SIL punya..i tolong jahit je :)
    thanks mama phoop...tuan punya kain..hehe