Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flannel and covers

Mother's Day was not so much of cakes no gifts no candlelight...Just precious time with family...just the way I like it.
The house was a full house on Mother's Day, mom, siblings, nephews, nieces and cousin.

Being at home with screaming children, loud conversation by the adults trying to overpower the screaming kids and TV volume at level 30 doesn't help either. You can imagine the havoc in my little house. Happy havoc non the less but above all I managed to finish 2 projects on the same day with cooking, feeding and bathing a child etc. in between. Multi tasking in all its glory!

A sneak peak of a flannel blanket I made for a friend who just gave birth to a little girl. I'll post a better picture later. It was at night and the lighting were not too good. I wanted to show this anyhow because this is my first applique project. Not bad?

Another project for a friend who wants me to make a batch of breastfeeding covers. Before starting I thought of making the pattern and use my own fabric first. Just too see how it'll come out. It came out quite well. I tried using this while feeding Nia. She didn't like it. She kept pulling the fabric away. She's just not used to it. I guess you have to start them young. Too late for Nia. Or she prefers the Mama to bare her chest. Seriously I used to be a shy person before Nia came. Oh well....that changed a bit.

Instead of rings, my friend wanted the adjustable buttons.

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