Saturday, May 29, 2010

McCall's Sewing Book

I found this book stashed somewhere in the book shelve. Well hubby did actually. It belongs to mom and has been there for ages. Can you believe it? I love it, all 300 pages of know hows and whats.

"This is a book for woman who sews and for the woman who wants to. It explores the art of sewing in all its facets to show you how to transform a piece of fabric into a lovely gown, how to change a dowdy appearance into an attractive, individual one. For just knowing how to sew is not enough. You must know how to select the right patterns for your figure, your personallity, your way of life and then fit it and finish it to give the clothes you make the smart look of good ready-to-wear ones.
This book has been planned to help you do just that. It takes you step by step through the selection of becoming and appropriate style, the choice of flattering fabric, and then into construction. Beginners will find outlined the simple contruction methods that will let the merest novice turn out a professional-looking garment. And more experienced dressmakers will welcome details on advanced construction techniques, as well as the fact-filled chapters on tailoring and home decoration.
Even the woman who seldom sew will find helpful the information on how to choose the most becoming styles, the instructions for mending and remodelling, the wealth of data on selection and care of fabrics valuable, not only for home dressmaking, but in choosing ready-made clothes as well.
Sewing can be fun, and easy to do if you take it one detail at a time. You can make it a pleasant, satisfying hobby with the added and long-lasting enjoyment of being able to wear the results of your creativity with pride.

Paul Hamlyn for
McCall's SEWING in colour"

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