Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My first project ever

This was my first ever project.

Since I have no knowledge or experience in sewing, I figured the best project to start with was to follow the step by step guide in Anna Maria Horner's Seams To Me book. It had the beginner, intermediate and difficult projects. Being ambitious me, I choose the Prairie Blause to start my first ever project. No, not the basic straight stitch projects (not challenging enough!) but the ones with bias, darts (until today I don't know whether there's actually darts in the pattern but I did some in places where I thought it should be), use of elastic bands and complicated steps for a zero or nothing sewing technique person.

I have to say the results are quite impressive and for that, I'm proud of myself. Doing this project makes me believe that I can actually sew and do simple projects. It's not that difficult but it's comes with its own unique challenges and takes a lot of patience to make things right. NOW, I can start with simple projects. We'll see.....

I went through Oh ooo, OMG, Huh? and How did that happen? moments ...but I managed to set things right
  • I altered the pattern to suit Nia's size. A big job for a 1st timer. Oh ooo, the shoulders are 1 inch shorter than the body.....amend amend

  • Stitch Stitch...OMG the left shoulder is attached to the right rip...How did that happen? Stitch stitch..

  • Huh? Front attached to the back..since when? pppfff.....Rip Rip Stitch stitch...

  • And more blunders, which probably cost me 5 metres worth of thread wasted. No joke!

  • Thank God for seam ripper
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