Monday, May 3, 2010

Projects to come

Last weekend mom wanted to go to a local fabric store, Nagoya which was on sale. This was very rare, mom asking me out for shopping because she almost never does. Fabric? On sale? Of course mom. We went to the one at Jalan TAR. On the way there I passed by a little secluded shop. They had mannequin, stuff and my jaw dropped......a dressform......OMG OMG! Incidentally the cars were not moving. I wound down the window and shouted at the sales lady. "Patung tu boleh cucuk pin untuk buat baju?" "Boleh." "Berapa?" "RM100". Cheap aint it? This will be my next thing on the list. I didn't plan to shop but how can I not? The damages was done.

I plan to make these for Nia, polka dots and gingham. Love it!
Flannel fabrics for two of my friends who are giving birth this year. I have not thought about what to do with it yet.
A little gift for me. Another fabric and lining for baju kurung.
This is a third one. Satu pun belum buat lagi.
I've not done baju kurung before but I have big dreams, as usual. Haha

Mom wanted me to buy those brown paper and tracing paper for pattern making. Before this, I've been using A4 paper and newspaper je. Proper la sikit.

And these? These are sample fabric that was sold at the SS2 fabric store. I just can't keep my hand to myself.

My first ever pattern. The other patterns are mom's so it does not count. I am going to make day shirt and dress. Yeay! And the fabric below the packaging. Owh you don't want to know.

I have to post this one here as well because I love it too much. I have updated this in my other blog. It was a present from hubby for my birthday mid April. No wonder you see all those fabrics. I treated myself well on this year's birthday.

NOTE : I am going to update old posts on sewing from my other blog from time to time. So you'll older projects which was done earlier. Nothing WOW! Just sharing.


  1. hi, may i know where is the SS2 fabric store? any land mark? really love the fabric u got :)

  2. i'm sorry but i do not remember the name of the road but it's the row behind McD's and opposite pelita. The name is Craft's World...