Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My machine

I have not reviewed my machines before. I’m doing this now because I am now feeling grateful for the sewing machine I purchased 4 months ago. I just love it and I have made the right decision to buy this. It makes my sewing experience so easy. It works wonderfully.

I am using a Brother Inovis Model NV30. It has 70 types of stitches to choose from. Straight, button holes and decorative stitch.
But the best part about this machine, it has an automatic needle threading. I just loop the thread up to step 7 and press the lever, automatically the thread is in. No need to strain my eyes to thread the needle. I love it!
Press lever and the thread is in.

I had an agonizing experience to thread this manually. It was no simple task for a newbie like me. I had this machine for some time now kept in a box. My brother gave it to me. He purchased it at a promotional price. Buy a sewing machine and get an overlock machine free. He has not used this for ages. It has no significant brand but it’s a mean little machine. It is so mean that its model in the manual is different from the machine model. Leave to China to make exact copy of anything and everything under the sun. I decided to use it last week, just because. Another reason is, my baby NV30 comes with overlock stitches and foot. How convenient! I still need to familiarize myself using this little mean machine. The stitches are a bit loose at the moment. Finding ways to tighten it.
A small soul

with mean internal....

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