Saturday, May 22, 2010

Purple Project

I bought this fabric cheap, about RM4.50 per meter to try out projects. In case disaster happens I won't feel bad throwing the whole project into the bin. I was underestimating myself. I'm good at this. Yes, yes! So far all projects turn out OK except of course I have to practice to refine my sewing techniques so that the finishing looks a bit more polished. Back to the fabric, cheap fabric comes with blah quality. Its cotton lining by the way. Usually we use this to line the insides of clothes. Not used to being in the limelight I guess this cloth tends to shy away and not perform. The end results is that the binding becomes kremekmot (ie. crumpled) and the decorative stitch I wanted to 'decorate' the plain cloth pulled the fabric thread that it becomes a bigger kremekmot. Blame the cloth, but probably the thread tension too got something to do with this. (Woow..look at me talking the alien sewing language). Below is the project. I decide to stop just there. It has a dress outlook but I wouldn't buy this in store with the stitch and finishing quality.

Almost finished disaster

Obvious kremekmot on the neck binding

So I decided to use the remaining cloth for a simple bag project. I found a stitch which I wanted to try taken from this blog and link to this blog Crafthours.
I thought why not make it into a small bag and taraaa! I gave it to Dina for her to play dress up.

The stitch

Taken from my other blog.

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